Flannel Sheets and a John Deere Poster

Hellbent in a Northwoods Cabin

Download "Hellbent in a Northwoods Cabin" Excerpt (pdf)
Drama for a cast of four and any theatre, ages 16+.


Four factory coworkers meet in a cabin in the Northwoods of Wisconsin the weekend before hunting season to prepare for opening day. Hunting preparations are derailed when they discover unnerving truths about each other that spark hostilities and put everyone in jeopardy. How destructive can polarizing values become on a personal level? These four coworkers are about to find out


DANA Female. White. 40s.
MARLENE Female. White. 40s.
EUGENE Male. Black. Mid-30s – 40s.
ADAM Male. White. 30s – 40s, younger than Eugene.

Production History

August 2023 Staged Excerpt Reading, Chicago Dramatists, Chicago, Illinois.

Commentary from Theatregoers and Readers

This play took off like a rocket and never slowed down until the fireworks exploded in a burst that left me slack-jawed and wanting even more.
With an even hand, Ruyle gives us compelling characters, thought-provoking viewpoints, brutal conflict, and a blazing, witty humor that oils the whole machine. Really an amazing story with rich, compelling roles.
I come to the theatre to be entertained, to have fun. Or to be challenged, disturbed even. But always, I want to be surprised. Flannel Sheets and a John Deere gave me all that and more.
A terrifying glimpse into what can happen when people close their minds and lose their ability to respect each other. Breathtaking. Shocking. Brilliant. I couldn’t look away.
Ruyle starts with four fascinating characters, all Wisconsin factory workers, and throws them into a hunting cabin that becomes a cauldron. The humor bubbles as the conflict boils, and the stew is so damn good!