Download "Kalispell" Excerpt (pdf)
Dramedy for a cast of nine and any theatre, ages 15+.


The insane dynamics and dysfunction of a western Montana logging family are laid bare over a Thanksgiving holiday. A volatile redneck patriarch, a doting matriarch, and five grown children are forced to confront their biases, and broken relationships with a series of crises that careen between tragic and hilarious.


BUD HAMILTON 70s, the family patriarch. Hard-working. Bigoted. Tough. Protective.
CORA HAMILTON 70s, the family matriarch. Blindly loyal to Bud. Dotes on her children.
CLEVE HAMILTON 40s-50s, oldest son. Alcoholic. Seeks approval of others but is a disappointment to everyone, especially Bud.
BRUCE HAMILTON 40s-50s, 2nd son. Single, successful plastic surgeon living in Seattle. An articulate metro-sexual experiencing a mid-life crisis.
JEFFREY HAMILTON 40s-50s, 3rd son. Successful fashion designer living in New York City. Like Bruce, a metro-sexual, but married with kids.
CLIFFORD HAMILTON 40s-50s, 4th son. Former car salesman turned church pastor in Missoula and televangelist host of religious sportsmen’s show.
CLAIRE HAMILTON 40s, daughter. Feminine but tough. Runs a construction company. Avid sportswoman. Occasional lounge singer.
DRAGOS IBANESCU 30s, Romanian immigrant and proprietor of the Sit-a-Spell Cafe′.
TULLIA IBANESCU 30s, wife and partner in café business with Dragos.
TIFFANY 30s, attractive tart. Director of God, Geese, and Grizzlies.
DOUBLING If desired, Tullia and Tiffany can be played by the same actor.

Production History

September 2021 Staged Production, Chain Theatre, New York City, New York.
May 2019 Staged Reading, Broom Street Theater, Madison, Wisconsin.
June-July 2018 Staged Production, Surfside Playhouse, Cocoa Beach, Florida.

Commentary from Theatregoers and Readers

A wild, hilarious romp!
A deeply moving family drama.
Sometime hilarious, sometimes heartbreaking dysfunction.
Oh, my God! It’s non-stop, so funny, so painful, and so moving!
Complex but well-defined characters flesh out this thoughtful and very funny play.
When watching a play, I always check my watch during the performance. Until now! I couldn’t take my eyes off these wonderful characters!
I laughed my ass off and – I’ll admit it – I cried, too.