Love Lately

Maeve's Camellia

Download "Maeve's Camellia" Excerpt (pdf)
Dramedy for a cast of two and any theatre, ages 17+. Requires an intimacy director.


The first date between Maeve, a PhD psychologist, and Rob, a blue-collar welder, turns into a weekend whirlwind of sensuality, conflict, and surprises as this unlikely couple explores attraction, compatibility, and love later in life. Their verbal swordplay slices away layers to reveal the inner lives of these vibrant mature characters. times amusing, other times painful, their banter takes them to a place they could not have predicted and leads to a stunning conclusion.


MAEVE Female. A PhD psychologist. Any ethnicity. 50s, could be near retirement age, more or less.
ROB (ROBIN) Male. A welder. Any ethnicity. 50’s, could be near retirement age, more or less.

Production History

May 2024 Staged Production, Interchange Theater Co-op, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
January 2024 Staged Production, Forst Inn, Kewaunee, Wisconsin.
April 2022 Staged Reading, Episcopal Actors’ Guild, New York City, New York

Commentary from Theatregoers and Readers

A beautifully intimate piece. Exceptional dialogue and expert storytelling.
I was captivated by the chemistry Ruyle has created through the emotional and intellectual interplay between two very different people.
Effortlessly funny and deeply moving.
Ruyle taps into human experience like an expert, and the result is a gift to any audience.
Well-crafted realistic characters, superbly written dialogue, tasty conflict, and a hopeful finish. What more could you want in a play?
Through beautifully crafted dialogue, Maeve and Rob slowly reveal themselves to each other like the peeling of an onion.
A sexually charged relationship on the brink of a loving connection. Filled with unique and surprising moments and a powerful ending.